The grass hasn't been mowed for weeks but still I think I'm not supposed to be here.

Andrew Dahl was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, though most of his growing years were spent divided between Illinois and Indiana. His life is private and uncomplicated: an extremely beautiful and supportive wife, a yellow lab that spends his waking hours begging for treats, a nice home and neighborhood.

Although a creative director by occupation, Andrew spends the majority of his summer weekends behind his medium format camera. His is a self-taught, amateur photographer who is driven by his own ideas and style. To Andrew, photography is proof that he's done something with his life — worked hard at it and ultimately succeeded on his own terms.

In October of 2005, a small show of family and friends brought the Maddest Girl Collection to life.

And when I'm ready to start shooting, I'll demand your attention.
And ask that you never look at me.